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How to Become a People Whisperer

Communication is both an art and a science

With all the discussion of chatbots, AI and intelligent personal assistants lately, you might start to think that human-to-human (H2H) communication is disappearing altogether. But the fact is, the need for interpersonal communication isn't going anywhere. In its 2016 Future of Jobs report, the World Economic Forum observed that as more physical and computation tasks shift to machines, the demand for soft skills that machines cannot master will increase.

Of course, it can be tough to predict exactly what the future will bring for each of us personally and professionally. But whether you are a business owner or business professional, knowing how to talk so people will listen—and knowing how to listen so people will talk—will always serve you well.

So how can you leverage your humanness to better connect and communicate with business partners, staff and associates? You can become a "people whisperer." Communication is both an art and a science. What you say to others is a creative expression of your thoughts and ideas. But the way you say it and the response it elicits is often guided by our natural human instincts.

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