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How And Why a Large, Well-Known Organization Rebranded

Big Brothers Big Sisters has embraced change

Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) is a well-known, well-respected mentoring organization with more than 250 local agencies across the United States. But BBBS also has more than 33,000 youth (“Littles”) on a waiting list for a Big Sister or Big Brother.

As the organization’s leadership talked to the agencies and other stakeholders, “Something that kept coming up was that our brand needed to be updated, and that, overall, our agencies would be more successful in attracting volunteers—especially men, and especially men of color, which is a large need for us—if we rebranded to be bolder and more modern,” said Adam Vasallo, vice president of development and marketing.

So, BBBS overhauled its logo and messaging late last year. The old logo depicted purple figures of a Big and a Little, which some said represented only a young child and not young adult Littles. The new logo has a black background and displays a capital B, with the lowercase b shape in white, representing the Little, and the top part of the B in green, representing the Big’s support. It aims to better appeal to men and volunteers from all generations.

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