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CareSource Dumps CVS Caremark

The Ohio Pharmacists Association praised CareSource's action

The way Ohio delivers prescription drugs to Medicaid recipients underwent a major change Tuesday.

CareSource, by far Ohio’s largest Medicaid managed-care provider, announced that it was firing CVS Caremark as its pharmacy benefit manager. Starting Jan. 1, the 1.2 million Medicaid clients served by Dayton-based CareSource will have their prescriptions handled by Express Scripts, another of the nation’s three dominant pharmacy benefit managers. The move comes after more than a year of scrutiny by government officials.

“The vision of CareSource to utilize pharmacists in more progressive, value-added ways is a much-needed realignment of incentives that should yield better outcomes, and frankly, better pharmacy practice,” said Antonio Ciaccia, a spokesman for the Ohio Pharmacists Association, in an email praising CareSource's decision.

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