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Four Bad Work Habits You Should Break

Set aside these not-so-great work habits

Let’s start off with this: in the year 2018, age-based milestones hold less meaning than ever before. We live in a time when “adolescence” can extend well into your 20s, when the sexist stereotype of the 30-something “old maid” is (thankfully) dead and buried, and when the average retirement age keeps (unfortunately) creeping upwards.

That said, the popular imagination continues to think of 35 as a prime age to “have your life together,” particularly where your career is concerned. While it’s completely okay (and, in fact, totally normal) to still be working toward your dream title and salary in your mid-thirties, you now have over a decade of work experience under your belt.

That gives you the wisdom and perspective to set aside some not-so-great work habits that may have hindered your progress in the past — like these 4 habits you’ve hopefully dashed by age 35.

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