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AARP Gives McDonald’s a Job-recruiting Lift

It’s part of a broader job-culture shift

Fast food has long carried a reputation as being the kind of job someone just getting their start in the working world might take. But a new collaboration between AARP and McDonald’s is taking a different approach—by offering options to older people who want to stay in the workforce.

USA Today revealed this week that the fast-food chain would work with the association as McDonald’s tries to fill 250,000 jobs this summer. The initiative, which will include positions that range from cashier to shift manager, builds on prior efforts by the company to expand its job-recruiting horizons, but it represents the first national campaign put on by McDonald’s.

For employees, it could be a way to avoid retirement if they prefer to keep working. But it’s also something of a sign of the times: The USA Today report notes that by 2024, roughly a quarter of Americans in the workforce will be over the age of 55.

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