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Start Hiring People Who Are ‘Better’ Than You

It's the people you hire who drive your success

I’m sure you’ve heard one or more of these famous quotes before – in fact, it was only the other day when Jobs’ profound quote popped up in my LinkedIn newsfeed, amassing many likes and comments. But I’m sure some of you reading this would argue that these quotes are clichéd and that, actually, they aren’t saying anything particularly ground breaking - surely hiring good people is just common sense? And they’d be right, it is common sense. But, worryingly I don’t think enough people heed this advice in reality.

So, in this blog, I want to explore why, in today’s ever-evolving world of work, I think it is now more important than ever before that leaders hire people who they believe have the potential to be ‘better’ than them one day, or, indeed, already have ‘better’ expertise than they do in certain areas. I’ll also take a look at what I think are the reasons why this doesn’t always happen, and lastly, what I think leaders should be doing differently when it comes to hiring.

What it means to hire people who are ‘better’ than you
First off, I want to clarify that hiring people who are ‘better’ than you doesn’t mean hiring people who you think can do your job right now. I’m not talking about hiring someone who could walk into your business and replace you today. Far from it.

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