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How Event Planners Could Adapt to Healthy Eating Trends

As clean-eating trends expand, meetings may need to change

Looking to spruce up the menu at your upcoming events? Keep an eye on what’s out there in the world of food—it might just surface a few surprises you can share with your audience.

According to the International Food Information Council (IFIC), there’s a growing trend toward healthy food variants. The council’s 2019 Food and Health Survey finds an increased interest in plant-based diets, which half of respondents said they wanted to learn more about. (The term “plant-based” creates a lot of confusion, by the way: Slightly less than a third of respondents say it’s a vegan diet; around 30 percent say that limited amounts of meat, eggs and dairy are allowed.)

IFIC also found that “clean eating” was picking up steam, with 38 percent of respondents saying they had tried eating a specific diet at some point in the past year, with “clean” being the most popular one. Alexandra Lewin-Zwerdling, IFIC Foundation’s vice president for research and partnerships, characterized the approach as allowing for personal choice.

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