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Eight Easy Ways to Declutter Your Mind

Practical tips for gaining a little headspace

We all have those days when focusing at work feels downright impossible because our brains are already stuffed to the brim with other meandering thoughts. Sometimes, they’re simply distracting, but other times, they’re downright unsettling. So if you are hoping to harness control over that monkey mind — and fast — consider the following eight tactics for mental decluttering. You’ll be feeling more like yourself in no time.

1. Reassess your calendar
If your to-do list is reaching an overwhelming length, it’s time to identify at least one (if not a few) tasks or meetings that can be put off for another time. You don’t need to pick up your clothes from the dry cleaners unless you plan on literally wearing them tomorrow (or over the weekend). You can tell your parents you’ll call them later on in the week when you’re feeling rested and in a better headspace to carry on a meaningful conversation. The more you can reduce your obligations and focus on yourself today, the better.

2. Make time for meditation
You probably saw this one coming, right? The best thing to do when you’re feeling all out of sorts is to simply pause, drop whatever it is that is causing you stress, and let your mind naturally sort through its internal clutter. Sit in a comfortable position with a string of mala beads and, with your thumb and forefinger, glide from one bead to the next as you complete a full inhale and exhale. You’ll be amazed by how helpful just a few minutes of meditation can be.

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