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Context Matters

Why ads do better next to quality content

All the chatter about personalization in recent years may make you wonder whether your digital publication is really made for these times in the eyes of advertisers.

But a new report from the firm Integral Ad Science (IAS) offers some good news for those looking to convince advertisers that their site is the place to be. It makes the case—at least from an ad-placement standpoint—that personalized content experiences matter less than high-quality ones. The report, titled The Halo Effect: Ad Environment and Receptivity [registration], concludes that a suitable “safe” environment can be more effective for drawing ad revenue than one in which everything is heavily personalized.

In fact, when an ad is in an “inappropriate” context, such as a YouTube video in which the creator says or does something controversial, consumers are three times less willing to support the brand, according to the research. “They also tend to assume that ad placements alongside unsuitable content are intentional,” the report states.

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