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What Star Wars Can Teach You About Talent Management

Teach like a Jedi - not a Sith

With the latest Star Wars film sitting atop the box office last weekend, it’s easy to think of the nine-film series as simply riveting entertainment. But the films have resonated for more than 40 years because of the universal themes they convey about the human experience. Keeping that in mind, Star Wars has much to offer us in the field of talent management.

Even without deep analysis, we can figure out the Sith approach of force choking staff to death is ineffective in respect to both employee retention and organization morale. The Jedi approach, which emphasized mentoring and guiding talent along their journey to reach their full potential, seems the clear winner if we’re seeking methods to emulate. But what are the keys to this approach that you can apply in your own association?

To find the answers, I spoke with Mark Peterson, a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor who teaches a course that explores Star Wars. He offered his take on the workplace journey, mentoring, and letting go.

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