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By a Narrow Margin, Americans Say Senate Trial Should Result in Trump’s Removal

Majority says Trump has definitely or probably done things that are illegal

As the Senate impeachment trial gets underway, slightly more Americans say that Donald Trump should be removed from office than say he should stay in office, with these views starkly divided along partisan lines.

Roughly half of U.S. adults (51 percent) say the outcome of the Senate trial should be Trump’s removal from office, while 46 percent say the result should lead to Trump remaining in office. An overwhelming share of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents (86 percent) say the trial should result in Trump remaining in office, while roughly the same share of Democrats and Democratic leaners (85 percent) think Trump should be removed.

While the public’s preferences for the outcome of the Senate trial are closely divided, 63% of Americans say Trump has definitely (38 percent) or probably (25%) done things that are illegal, either during his time in office or while he was running for president. A larger majority (70 percent) say he has definitely (45 percent) or probably (26 percent) done unethical things, according to the new survey, conducted Jan. 6-19 among 12,638 U.S. adults on Pew Research Center’s American Trends Panel.

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