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How to Push Your Mental Reset Button

Most of us are over-stressed - mental chatter is at play

As I wrote last week, we’re all dealing with a lot. And, when there’s a lot to process – work, family, health, the world and life in general – the mind can understandably flit and flutter from thought to thought. It’s called mental chatter and can make it really challenging to get anything in particular done. Mental chatter is endemic for people whose days are filled with back to back Zooms that are even more challenging to our focus than an equivalent schedule of in-the-room-together meetings. Moreover, the connection between an over-stressed brain and the rest of your body can have a serious impact on your long-term health and well-being.

As I’ve been conducting virtual leadership development sessions with managers and executives over the past month, I’ve been running a simple online poll – Have you found it easier or harder to control your mental chatter while working from home? On average, around two thirds of the leaders I’m talking with say it’s harder.

So, most everyone has a need for an effective way to push their mental reset button and get their thought process focused and back on track. How do you do it? There’s a simple technique that works for me and that I’ve been sharing with my clients over the past six or seven years. It’s at the top of the list of habits they adopt because they find it so immediately effective. What’s the magic mental reset button? It’s breathing and I teach you how to do it in the video I shot to go with this post.

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