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How One CEO Is Preparing To Get Back To The Office

Some concrete steps to take to get back to the office while prioritizing people

Life is full of storms we must weather. Right now, we are all together in the middle of the big storm that is Covid-19. This is a tough time for all and devastating for many, but even the worst storms have a ray of hope.

As the leader of Vari, I’ve found that this time has actually brought my team much closer together. And as everyone continues to practice social distancing and as testing for the virus and antibodies becomes more available, we know we will make it through.

While some of us work in locations on the downward slope of Covid-19’s curve and others are nearing the apex, all executives need to be thinking about our employees’ needs when we can all return to the office again. In our new normal, we must continue to prioritize people — our teams, our clients, our communities and citizens of the world.

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