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Daily Buzz: Help Employees Embrace New Technology

Eliminate barriers to tech adoption with a culture that supports employees

A digital transformation across an organization can be a slow, difficult process. Barriers such as employee skills, lack of senior-management awareness, cost, and inadequate infrastructure often stand in the way of seamless tech adoption.

To combat this, leaders must create a culture that drives more effective tech adoption, write Frank-Jürgen Richter and Gunjan Sinha in The Harvard Business Review.

“Building such a culture requires different types of approaches across industries, but a time-tested strategy is to incentivize technology use,” Richter and Sinha noted. Companies can create incentives with gamification apps like Kahoot that make tech training and onboarding more engaging.

Organizations must also focus on their infrastructure. Employee buy-in is important, but your tech also has to be simple and easy to work with for end users.

“Another requisite for creating a culture of technology adoption lies in making the infrastructure around it—including IT networks and systems, software, processes, and practices—supportive and user-friendly,” Richter and Sinha wrote.

In addition, reskilling and learning should be part of the tech adoption plan. Employees probably won’t respond well to the expectation that they work with new tools without getting used to them first. The plan must also go beyond short-term solutions.

“A piecemeal approach to tech adoption and implementation may feel like short-term progress but will not lead to the creation of a digitally focused mindset, and it will not result in a clean departure from legacy systems or attitudes,” Richter and Sinha wrote.

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