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Why It's Too Early to Call the Election

Hundreds of thousands of votes remain uncounted in key battleground states

Key battleground states still have millions of mail ballots to count. Election officials are urging caution about interpreting incomplete results. And neither President Donald Trump nor Former Vice President Joe Biden have secured 270 electoral votes.

The current vote count in several important swing states does show Trump with the lead so far, among votes already counted — but approximately one-third of the expected vote has not yet been counted in Michigan or Pennsylvania, and a significant part of the expected vote is still outstanding in Wisconsin.

Voters cast a record-breaking number of mail ballots by mail this year, which can take longer to count, and there was a sharp partisan split around when and how people voted: Poll after poll showed that in-person voters on Election Day would favor the president, while voters who cast ballots via the mail were overwhelmingly backing Biden.

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