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The Future of Scholarly Societies (Part 2)

Interviews with society leaders

Today’s post continues the discussion with executive directors/CEOs of scholarly societies across a range of disciplines posing the following topics (Part 1 of this discussion is also available):

  1. Remote/hybrid office working, the effects on staff and productivity and culture, consolidation of owned/rented building space.
  2. Revenue generation: meetings and conferences, publishing – possible strategies for diversification of revenues suitable for your communities.
  3. Membership and how to attract members under a changing definition of what it means to belong to a scholarly society, including notions of increasing interdisciplinarity – if relevant.
  4. Response of your society to open access publishing pressures, bearing in mind the many models available, and differences in approach around the world.

Today, you will hear from Antonia Seymour (chief executive, Institute of Physics Publishing – IOPP); Paula Krebs (executive director of the Modern Language Association – MLA) and Tracey DePellegrin (executive director of the Genetics Society of America – GSA).

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