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Manage Employees Through an ‘Ambition Reset’

Don't fear being a 'director of change management'

Workplace dissatisfaction is nothing new, but the past two years have prompted many Americans to ask, "Is my job really worth it?" Some have titled this era—one in which employees are unwilling to compromise personal interests for organizational gain—as the Age of Anti-Ambition. But is it fair to claim we’ve reached rock bottom? Perhaps what the last two years have offered employees is an ambition reset.

Whereas ambition used to be measured in promotions and salary raises, today it's a marker of how much passion or personal pride employees bring to their roles. The pandemic prompted many of us to reconsider what matters most in life and how a career can contribute to overall well-being.

Levels of ambition have changed accordingly as some step away from their jobs and others lean further into them. The result is an objectively different workforce with new expectations for their leaders.

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