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Preparing to Tell Your Boss 'I Quit'

This is one of the hardest workplace conversations to have

Like many professionals these days, you might be planning to leave your company. One recent study reveals a full 44 percent of workers are looking for a new job. Making the decision to quit is challenging — but what often feels even harder is actually telling your boss. What should you say when you’re sitting there face to face with them, whether it’s over Zoom or in person?

Leaving a job is a fundamentally awkward circumstance. After all, your decision upsets the status quo and workload for everyone. Ideally, we’d like to hear our manager respond to our departure with unconditional support and say something like: “I’m so happy for you. This is a great next step for you — of course I understand.”

But people are human, and that doesn’t always happen. Many employees, even if they know quitting is the right thing to do, feel trepidation around telling their boss — and especially how to handle it if they respond in a negative way.

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