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Setting Bigger Goals Than You Think You Should

What Shawna Pandya thinks about this

Like a lot of kids, I wanted to be an astronaut when I was young. I was inspired by Dr. Roberta Bhandar, Canada’s first-ever female astronaut.

Watching her go to space was inspiring for me because I looked at her and I thought, “She’s a Canadian. I’m Canadian. She’s female. I’m female. So now all I need to do is go be a neuroscientist, physician, and astronaut!” In my childhood mind, it was that simple.

The craziest thing about growing up and holding on to those dreams is that you can surpass them in ways you never thought possible. All of the wildest things I dreamed of doing in one form or another, whether it’s skydiving, whether it’s flying zero G—they’ve all come to fruition. And I still have pinch-me moments when I wake up and say, “Holy cow, I get to do this!”

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