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Become a Better Leader by Learning to Listen

Seven ways to become a great listener

Veronica was a good listener by nature. Early on, she committed to making "listening" a key aspect of her leadership style. That's one reason she was so beloved and trusted as a CEO. With Veronica as a role model, her company became known as a workplace where people deeply listened and really cared.

Three traits make Veronica and other leaders deep listeners: Curiosity, humility, and resilience. Curiosity means you are genuinely interested in other people's perspectives. You wonder about things with an open mind. Humility means you know you don't have all the answers, and you don't pretend to. You respect and seek out what others know. Resilience means you are willing to ask, able to hear what may make you uncomfortable, and admit your shortcomings without shame.

Then there is practice. The best leaders listen a lot and keep refining their skills through courses, coaching, and asking colleagues for feedback. They know that listening leads to learning, and that learning leads to loving - i.e., uplifting and connecting. That's how leaders  create love-based Amare cultures.

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