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Navigating the New Privacy Law Landscape

You must protect personally identifiable information

Over the last two years, the way we live and work has changed dramatically. As the world moved into various stages of lockdown, we became more reliant on digital platforms for everything from work meetings to grocery shopping to hanging out with friends. This increased online presence has given rise to significant concerns about the data we leave behind and how the companies we interact with protect our privacy.

Is your organization collecting information like email addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, or other sensitive data? It is very likely that at some point your organization is obtaining at least one of these items that is considered personally identifiable information (PII) and you are responsible for protecting that information.

A Pew Research Institute study found that only about one-third of adults say they understand current data protection laws. According to another Pew study, 75 percent of Americans strongly favor more government regulation of consumer data. As the concern among Americans grows many states are taking steps to help people protect their PII.

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