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Four Skills Required for Every CMO Now and Moving Forward

These four competencies are vital

Technology has played an increasingly important role in marketing over the past decade and continues to be a crucial element that chief marketing officers (CMOs) need to have a firm grasp on to succeed. There are more than 9,900 marketing technology solutions available today—a 24 percent increase from 2020 and a 6,521 percent increase over the past 11 years, according to Chief MarTec.

Even though the marketing technology space has rapidly changed, the foundations of marketing remain the same, according to Leslie Katz, CMO at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and Dave Bornmann, CMO at Association Analytics. These principles are understanding the member, delivering a product or service that fits the member criteria, personalizing the messaging to the member at the right time and place, and tracking and evaluating your project or campaign.

However, current CMOs and those aspiring for the role in the future must go beyond embracing new technology and holding true to the foundations of marketing. According to Katz and Bornmann, there are four competencies required for all CMOs. Here is an overview of each of them.

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