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Sponsorship Options With Value for Everyone

A great reminder as we plan for the year ahead

Lead sponsors at association meetings have always wanted something more than a banner and a mention at the opening plenary. But as more associations and sponsors make their return to in-person meetings—and take some lessons from virtual events—the asks have become more sophisticated.

“Ten years ago, some sponsors were saying they didn’t want the 20-by-20 booth because they didn’t have time to staff it. They would rather be talking to members or wanted sponsorships beyond the conference,” said sponsorship consultant Bruce Rosenthal. “What the pandemic did was accelerate those trends.”

Now, he says, sponsors are looking for year-round opportunities to be featured speakers at meetings, trusted presenters on webinars, and points of contact for targeted segments of association membership that are likeliest to find value in their message. And many associations are delivering on these new expectations.

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