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How to Develop Inclusive Meeting Content

There are several key factors

Many associations have made advancing diversity, equity and inclusion a priority in their programs and services, including in meetings and learning. Compared to your organization's past practices, you may think the learning you offer at your conferences is inclusive—but is it really?

"The most important thing that people always forget about is that you need to realize when you're not being inclusive," said Carolyn Thompson, a meeting planner and facilitator at Training Systems, Inc. "There's a very large number of us who would say, 'Yes. I love diversity and inclusion. Everything that I design and that I lay out for learning, whether it's a big event or small, I always take those things into account.'"

However, that's not always the case. Learning styles, native languages, ability levels and educational achievement likely differ among your attendees, and while you may have made strides to expand inclusiveness, you still may not be meeting the needs of all learners.

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