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Why a Culture of Well-being is Key for an Organization

Healthcare costs are the largest items on many org's P & L accounts

$4 Trillion.

That’s the cost of poor health and neglected well-being of Americans — most of whom are working adults.  That’s more than eight times the combined revenue of Apple and Microsoft in 2020. An unwell workforce contributes to medical and pharmacy claims, lost productivity, workers’ compensation, absenteeism, paid disability and more. How much is your company paying for recruitment, and losing because of vacancies because employees have fled to find an organization that is more supportive of their well-being?

In some of the biggest organizations, healthcare costs are the largest items on their P & L accounts. Starbucks spends more on healthcare than it does on coffee beans. Even before COVID-19 entered our lives, chronic conditions and a lack of systemic focus on employee well-being had already created a significant problem. 

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