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IRS Advocate Reports Big Drop in Backlog

Meanwhile, the GOP votes to cut agency funding

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reduced its massive backlog of unprocessed tax returns by nearly two-thirds over the past year, an independent watchdog said Wednesday, which could lead to shorter delays for tax refunds.

Taxpayers who can avoid filing on paper should still choose electronic filing if they want refunds on time, according to the annual report of the IRS’s national taxpayer advocate, Erin Collins, who described a clogged system that delayed millions of tax refunds for many months.

The IRS started the 2022 tax season behind, with a backlog of about 11.5 million individual and business returns that it had yet to process from previous years. But during the year, Collins’s report says, the agency whittled down that backlog to about 4 million returns by mid-December.

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