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Transformational Leaders Invest in Relationships

Why lone heroes always fail

I took up motorcycling several years ago, mostly as a way to unwind from work. Each time I go out, I explore a different area outside my Atlanta home. But I learned a painful lesson over time. I have a deep-seated tendency to focus on a destination. I end up focusing on a fixed point at the end of the route, and that's exactly where I'll end up – not the sideroads with the more interesting adventures.

I’ve learned to broaden my view to see the road unwinding ahead of me. And the same problem afflicts P&L leaders staring at their quarterly numbers. That goal becomes everything, and they miss out on the relationships and experiences unfolding ahead of them that could elevate their performance and their company’s future value-creation capabilities.

The Need for Transformational Leadership

When the global pandemic hit, most leaders took a defensive posture. Whether by laying people off or cutting spending, they quickly got into survival mode. As markets and new opportunities opened, I led several senior leadership and board retreats. Most attendees flew across the country, if not internationally, all having either been vaccinated or tested just prior to their arrival.

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