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In 2022, Coal Capacity Climbed Worldwide

This happened despite promises to slash it

The capacity to burn coal for power went up in 2022 despite global promises to phase down the fuel that is the biggest source of planet-warming gases in the atmosphere, a report Wednesday found.

The coal fleet grew by 19.5 gigawatts last year, enough to light up around 15 million homes, with nearly all newly commissioned coal projects in China, according to a report by Global Energy Monitor, an organization that tracks a variety of energy projects around the globe.

That 1 percent increase comes at a time when the world needs to retire its coal fleet 4.5 times faster to meet climate goals, the report said. In 2021, countries around the world promised to phase down the use of coal to help achieve the goal to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 Fahrenheit).

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