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If You Have Used Facebook in the Past 16 Years, You May Qualify for Payment

A class-action lawsuit aims to protect users' privacy rights

If you've used Facebook in the United States during the past 16 years, you may be among tens of millions of users eligible to submit a claim for payment from the social media giant, according to a recently launched class-action settlement website.

Current or former Facebook users can now file for compensation as part of the $725 million settlement reached in a lawsuit that alleged the social media company, owned by Meta, shared users’ data without their consent.

News in 2018 that the data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica had taken data from up to 87 million Facebook users through a personality quiz app sparked the lawsuit. It grew to encompass several cases — which were consolidated in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in 2018 — and address broader concerns about the company’s data privacy practices. Plaintiffs alleged that Facebook granted third parties access to users’ content and information without their consent and failed to monitor how it was used. Meta has denied any wrongdoing but agreed to the settlement in December to avoid the costs and risks of continuing the case.

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