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The A's of Leadership

How to be part of the solution

RecentIy, I spoke to finding your way as a leader. Well, during my tenure as a senior director in strategic development for a Global Fortune 100 company, there was a management standard for growth and development in order to enter the executive team. This standard was known as the three A's and has stayed with me for a long time.

The three A's are accountable, adaptable and assertive. All have been and continue to be extremely important dynamics for my personal growth, along with teams I've been with along many journeys. Sometimes, the best lessons or drivers are the simplest ones.

Without accountability, leaders, teams and companies lack responsibility in generating net value for stakeholders, stockholders and partners. One learning point for me has been that without personal accountability as a father, brother, team leader and executive, there is no one else to blame for alternate outcomes. Engage and be accountable for that engagement.

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