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Burnout & Your Boss

How to have those tough conversations

Burnout can be a difficult topic for employees to bring up in the workplace for several reasons. First, there’s still a stigma around asking for help at work, whether that’s needing additional support on a project taking a mental health day. In addition, everyone processes experiences differently, so what might feel like a good challenge for you may feel overwhelming to someone else.

"Asking for help can be hard, but it's necessary," said Jaya Koilpillai Bohlmann, founder and chief consultant at Designing Communication. "Each of us has the responsibility to manage our own experiences at work."

To start, Bohlmann recommends setting aside time once a week to track how you're feeling at work. Are you feeling productive and challenged or fatigued and exhausted? Constant exhaustion that a good night's sleep won't fix is often a common sign of workplace burnout.

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