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The 16 Most Interesting Things Amazon Announced Today

It debuted an array of gadgets and services at its annual product release event

Every fall, Amazon holds a “Devices and Services” media event where it unleashes a flood of new gadgets and software into the world. At the 2022 edition, Amazon announced a Kindle with a stylus, a robot dog, and a refreshed line of Echoes and Eeros, among other smart home gadgets.

This year, the company was eager to prove that it hasn’t been left behind by its rivals’ recent advances in artificial intelligence and conversational interfaces. Executives showed off a smarter version of Alexa that’s been given an AI boost, as well as new smart home products that harness Amazon’s computer vision, machine intelligence, and face recognition technologies.

There were some stumbling blocks during the presentation, but here are the highlights of what Amazon announced today.

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