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Improve Your Facilitation Skills While Building Stronger Nonprofit Connections

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Are you looking to hone your professional facilitation and negotiation skills? Then, OSAP has something great to offer you!

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Designed with experienced professionals like you in mind, the Strengthening Your Facilitation Series offers valuable insights into navigating group dynamics, designing effective discussions and managing unforeseen situations.

Through practical assignments and collaborative peer sharing, you will gain opportunities to build your facilitation skills (such as probing, bridging, synthesizing and reflective listening), while gaining confidence in your role and building your professional value to your organization.

You will be matched with a cohort of your association peers from across the U.S. for three highly interactive 90-minute sessions.

Over the course of the three-session series, participants will:


Learning Objectives:

Module 1 – Sept. 28, 2023

  1. Understand the roles a facilitator performs
  2. Navigate the dynamics of peer relationships and staff-volunteer/leader relationships when in a facilitator role
  3. Hone key skills in the facilitation skillset

Module 2 – Oct. 12, 2023

  1. Discover the basics of process design – taking a goal, need or outcome desired by a group and then designing a discussion to help them achieve it.
  2. Learn specific techniques/activities for facilitating different processes with groups, such as brainstorming, consensus-building and problem-solving

Module 3 – Oct. 26, 2023

  1. Become more comfortable managing group dynamics and creating a productive environment for group cohesion
  2. Sharpen your reflective listening skills
  3. Learn how to manage unanticipated situations as a facilitator, and how you can better prepare for them when they occur, and
  4. Set a path for your continued growth as a facilitator

All sessions are virtual. Registration of $289 is for the complete three-part series; à la carte registration is unavailable.


Brought to you by: The Alliance Learning Collective: The ALC is a collaboration between six Societies of Associations Executives/Professionals to bring high-quality educational opportunities to association professionals across the U.S. They are leading members
 of the Association Societies Alliance (ASA).

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