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Beating Negativity in Teams

It only takes one toxic employee to pull down the entire team

There is a truth about negativity isn't often recognized until it is too late. This truth is that negativity is the only cancer that spreads by contact. It only takes a single carrier to infect others with their negativity, and once it starts to spread, it’s difficult to arrest its progress.

To beat negativity in your teams, you need a set of practical strategies that will allow you to identify the source or sources of the negativity. Some sources may come from challenges of the team's work, and other sources may be leadership. These sources may play a role in creating negativity within a team.

After spending over three decades in staffing, I have had a front row view of how negativity starts and how it spreads through a team-or a company. One leader of an administrative team started by complaining to their peers. Many people complain, but few know how effective it is when spreading negativity.

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