Coordinator of Data and Member Services

Mortar Board National College Senior Honor Society

The Coordinator of Data and Member Services at Mortar Board develops and implements all aspects of the association management software (AMS) on which the core functions of membership record-keeping, new member acquisition, event processing, store operations, donations, and credit card authorization are based; controls the entire membership process from initial approval through settlement of chapter records; completes other duties as assigned.

The coordinator determines applicability of new or revised AMS modules and implements as appropriate, refreshes design and use of existing modules, develops protocols for all AMS and trains staff, assuring proper redundancy, continually upgrades modules’ application and import of new data to enhance more than 250,000 member records; develops member histories; works with AMS implementation team to correct anomalies in coding; imports updated addresses from NCOA; uploads data from address services, speaks with members about their profiles and keeps portal up to date; builds and maintains annual Access database for 200 collegiate chapters and trains staff on use; maintains protocols for the database and style guide for data use and entry; consults about development of all reports from database.

Also, the coordinator serves as main contact for 200 chapters to process new member information, assuring an accuracy rate of at least 98%; acts as frontline data support for chapter officers and advisors in approval of new members and uploading of their data; prepares data for reconsideration campaign and continuing senior acquisition; verifies new member payments; clears chapter accounts and settles chapter records; uploads weekly member information to advisor portal; certifies delegates for voting privileges at national conventions; oversees the printing of membership certificates; authenticates the quantity of official membership insignia provided to each chapter; and arranges appropriate training sessions.

To apply for the position, please visit and search for Job Opening Number 432379, or contact Jane Hamblin, Executive Director, Mortar Board: or 614-488-4094 by November 17, 2017.

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