Executive Director or Association Management Organization

Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association (OCTA)

The Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association (OCTA) is seeking an individual or organization to provide the management services necessary to fulfill its mission. Whether an individual or organization, we will require demonstrated success in association management as well as the specific skills, experience and in the case of an organization, resources necessary to guide and manage the association activities as defined below and in its strategic plan.

In 1966, a group of cable pioneers formed the OCTA to help represent them before the Ohio General Assembly. Over the past 40 years, the OCTA has built a strong record of success in the legislative and regulatory arenas.

Who We Are: Our industry is at the forefront of telecommunications technology that delivers advanced video, broadband and telephony services to our customers. Our members include some of the largest and smallest cable television, broadband and telecommunications service providers in the state. Our position as a leader in innovation brings with it numerous issues warranting our attention and concern. Through the work of the OCTA and our members' support, we have been able to safeguard our member's interests through the legislative and regulatory processes.

Mission Statement: The Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association represents the cable television and telecommunications industry in the Ohio General Assembly and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio on issues of importance to our current and future businesses and works to foster a positive image of the cable industry in Ohio.

What We Do:

  • Manage and advocate on state legislative and regulatory issues relating to the telecommunications industry by monitoring, analyzing and implementing strategies to achieve objectives
  • Support federal legislative and regulatory objectives in cooperation with the National Cable and Telecommunications Association
  • Maintain an effective PAC fund for statewide candidates and develop a state key contact program to foster relationships between member personnel and state officials
  • Create and maintain pertinent and useful information about Ohio's telecommunications industry

Members include companies operating cable systems in Ohio (System Members) and cable network companies providing programming to System Members (Associate Members).

The association is governed by a board consisting of eleven system members (including four officers) and two associate members. Our current president is Chris Thomas of Charter Communications.

The OCTA holds one annual meeting each year in Columbus and four board meetings each year (some in Columbus and some via conference call).

The OCTA has been without a full-time executive director since January 2019. There are currently no additional employees. The existing office lease is month-to-month. An interim management agreement with the law firm that represents the Association is in place during this transition period.

OCTA is seeking a full-service proposal that includes, but should not necessarily be limited to, the specific activities below. The primary focus should be on executing those strategies and tactics as needed to achieve the goals of the association. As in any effective management relationship, the key to success lies in the flexibility and depth available to adapt to changing needs and circumstances.

  • Daily management of the association
  • Coordinate four association board meetings each year, and others as needed or as called pursuant to the association’s bylaws, including preparing all materials needed for each meeting
  • Plan and execute annual meeting as directed by the board
  • Represent the association before the Ohio General Assembly and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio; this does not include legal services
  • Supervise the association’s government affairs program, including working with the association’s board of directors in developing strategy and legislative goals; supervise the association’s contract lobbyists/lawyers in advocating for the association’s legislative goals as set by the association’s board of directors; work with public relations/communications firms as directed by the association’s board of directors to accomplish legislative goals
  • Preparation and filing, on behalf of the association all required forms of the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee (JLEC)
  • Supervise the association’s outside legal counsel in advocating for the association’s legal and regulatory goals as set by the association’s Board of Directors
  • Supervise and manage the association’s Political Action Committee and Political Action Trust (Ohio Cable PAC/PAT), including raising and distributing funds as directed by the association’s PAC board, and assure that all mandated reports are filed. Work with the Ohio Secretary of State’s office on resolving any audit issues
  • Supervise and coordinate the association’s accountants in the preparation of monthly financial reports and bank reconciliations, IRS Form 990, annual audit and an accounting review every two years. Coordinate the preparation of required government filings, including but not limited to all IRS forms
  • Prepare an annual association budget to be approved by the association’s board of directors, and manage the implementation of the approved budget
  • Prepare monthly reports on Association activities to the Association’s Board of Directors, and otherwise communicate timely with the Board
  • Organize the taping of new member and holiday PSAs for legislators, and oversee the production, as budgeted for by the Association
  • Annually represent the OCTA at up to two events sponsored by the NCTA -The Internet and Television Association
  • Other duties as determined necessary and appropriate by Board
  • Initial term shall be for twelve months. It is anticipated that there will be a performance review at the six month point and again in the eleventh month; ideally followed by a one year contract extension

NOTE: Because this business relationship is that of independent contractor, there is no entitlement to benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, retirement or unemployment insurance. No payroll deductions such as taxes or FICA will be made.

For questions regarding the RFP, please contact:

Chris Thomas, President, OCTA
Charter Communications
(330) 630-7984

Deadline for submissions is June 30, 2019.

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