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PRSA Central Ohio (Public Relations Society of America)

About PRSA

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is the nation’s largest professional organization serving the communications community with a mission to “make communications professionals smarter, better prepared and more connected through all stages of their career.” Membership collectively represents more than 30,000 members comprising communications professionals spanning every industry sector nationwide and college and university students who encompass the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA).

About PRSA Central Ohio

The PRSA Central Ohio Chapter is a leader in furthering the development of Columbus’ public relations professionals. Founded in 1950 as the first society chapter in Ohio, PRSA Central Ohio serves approximately 250 members in the central Ohio region in the agency, corporate, government and non-profit sectors.

PRSA Central Ohio is governed by a 16-member board of directors, which includes 10 officers (President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Treasurer, VP Planning & Procedures, VP Membership, VP Programs, VP of Communications, D&I Officer, and Ethics Officer). The Board of Directors establishes policy, adopts an annual budget, approves contracts and expenditures for all necessary items and services in connection with the management of the chapter, provides monthly programming for the chapter, and performs other duties as are prescribed elsewhere in its bylaws. PRSA Central Ohio currently serves its members through the activities of various committees, including: APR, PRSSA Liaison, Masters, Membership, Communication, PRism Awards, Programs, Diversity & Inclusion, and Development.

Scope of Services

The PRSA Central Ohio Chapter is in search of an individual/entity to perform administrative duties on behalf of the chapter, including such activities as:

Membership Database

  • Maintain parallel member database file, adding new/reinstated members and deleting dropped members, as provided by National PRSA, and updating contact information, as provided via a national download or by the member.
  • Cross-check the local database to National PRSA’s chapter listing, researching conflicting information and forwarding issues to the Chapter Vice President of Membership and President-Elect.
  • Maintain chapter’s contacts mailing list (including Members, Prospects, Masters, Past Presidents, PRSSA Liaisons, New Pros) in MailChimp.
  • Receive newsletter bounce-back messages and update Contacts list based on information from the national database, LinkedIn research, etc.

Masters Breakfasts (two per year)

  • Update annually in member database and Contacts list the Master status of qualifying individuals.
  • Provide mailing list to committee to upload into StarChapter before events. Create Word document for name tags; forward to committee chair on agreed-upon date.
  • Provide reservation count and registration list to the event chair on agreed-upon dates.

Meeting Participation

  • Attend occasional Chapter board, committee, or leadership meetings, as requested by the Chapter President.

Member Services

  • PRSA Central Ohio has multiple email aliases set up for designated committees, including an address. The Administrator will forward to the appropriate committee or board liaison email or phone inquiries regarding Chapter programs, activities, policies, events, or membership issues, keeping the President apprised of any issues that may need special attention. Administrator alias to be utilized only by the board of directors and committee leadership, i.e., Programs, Professional Development, PRisms, Masters. All other emails to be forwarded to the chairs.
  • Assist with member username/password reset.
  • Add email addresses to Mailchimp of non-members requesting to receive the newsletter, and forward request to VP of Membership, or whomever s/he designates, for recruitment follow-up.


  • The Chapter is planning to host up to six total events, including four virtual/in-person luncheon/evening programs, one all-day Professional Development conference, and one night-time PRism Awards banquet. (Times listed are guidelines and subject to change.)
  • Conference and PRism Awards: Assist with gathering quotes for venues and getting approval from committee on venue. After committee selects venue, administrator will serve as the liaison and on-site contact with the venue. Approve and forward to the Treasurer for payment the venue/catering invoice.
  • For in-person luncheon/evening programs: Administrator will serve as venue liaison, will coordinate catering and food order, and assist committee when transporting food into the venue for placement/display on buffet tables. Approve and forward to the Treasurer for payment the venue/catering invoice.
  • Collect registrations from emails and online registration system.
  • Acknowledge all email reservations.
  • Send calendar invitations to members via PRSA Gmail account and track responses. Follow-up via PRSA Gmail, 1 week prior to registration deadline, to remind those who have accepted/tentatively accepted and not registered to officially register.
  • Track reservations and corresponding fees due (member, non-member, and student).
  • Monitor payments received, providing receipts as requested.
  • Provide attendee list to Chapter President, officers and committee chairs, as requested.
  • Provide to the President the list of student attendees, Past Presidents and new members in attendance for the first time for both virtual and in-person events. This includes the first six months of each individual’s membership.
  • For in-person events, print name tags.
  • For virtual events, admit attendees into virtual programs and track attendance.
  • For virtual events, record event and download recording following event.
  • Maintain ongoing list of new members, noting the month introduced at the first program attended, for the first six months of membership. Track the date for list removal.
  • Manage welcome table at in-person events.
  • Reconcile program financials and statistics within 10 calendar days of the event, including statistics recap to officers and program chairs, master registration sheet reconciliation for the Treasurer and membership chair, deposit document for the Treasurer, and personalized invoices and emails to unpaid no-shows, if requested by the Treasurer.
  • Add walk-in and non-member luncheon attendees’ names and email addresses (when available) to the Prospects email list in Mailchimp.
  • Send Treasurer updated list of unpaid fees; provide previous emails and invoices as requested. Administrator will monitor the list and request payment, should a debtor make another event reservation.
  • Maintain/update event attendance history document and submit to the President by December 15.

Administrator will report directly to PRSA Central Ohio treasurer and will work alongside Chapter officers and committee chairs.

RFP Requirements

RFP response should include the following:

  • Firm/Individual Description: Briefly describe your agency, including its history, size, relevant practice areas, key leadership and clients.
  • Qualifications: Describe your in-house capabilities, including work for non-profits/associations of comparable size and scope.
  • Scope of Work: Describe how you intend to meet PRSA Central Ohio’s chapter administrator criteria, core capabilities and scope of work including both strategic and tactical implementation.
  • Staffing: Describe how you would staff your work for PRSA Central Ohio, including who would act as the single-point of contact.
  • Client References: Provide references from three clients of similar size and scope (name, title, company, telephone and email address). In addition, PRSA Central Ohio encourages interested individuals/agencies to submit sample work relevant to this RFP that the individual/agency has provided for similar clients.


In your proposal, please include your monthly rate, as well as the total number of hours each month you estimate it will take to complete the tasks mentioned in the Scope of Services section. The budget should also include any anticipated out-of-pocket expenses.

Evaluation Criteria

Independent public relations practitioners and association management professionals are encouraged to submit proposals. The successful respondent will provide a competitive cost of services and possess the following:

  • Basic understanding of and aptitude for using office management tools, such as Word, Google docs and calendar, MailChimp, etc.
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Event management expertise
  • Proven track record of experience in the areas included in the scope of services
  • Knowledge of associations/association management (strongly recommended)


Questions about this proposal process or the scope of services should be directed to Diane Hurd at .

Proposal Submissions

Proposals can be submitted electronically to  no later than 5 p.m. Eastern Time on January 28, 2022.

Selection Schedule

PRSA Central Ohio is hoping to identify and select an administrator no later than February 28, 2022, and would look to begin working with the selected contractor by March 1, 2022.

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