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The Power of a Perfect Moment

Create moments to achieve business goals and, then, celebrate

Think about a strong positive memory. Was it a spontaneous occurrence—that car drive where your family laughed the whole way—or a planned event, such as graduation? What if you could purposely create those brief periods for members and others?

In their new book, The Power of Moments, brothers Chip and Dan Heath, bestselling authors of Made to Stick and Decisive, use their trademark humor, research and compelling examples to reveal what traits define “moments of extraordinary impact”—elevation, insight, pride and connection. Then they tackle why and how you might use those to achieve business goals, such as building your brand.

You’ll learn the art of “building peaks” (for example, studying hard for the CAE and then walking across a stage as your name is called in front of peers), “breaking the script” (using what-the-heck ways to strategically surprise people), raising the stakes (adding competition, urgency or stress elements), identifying or upgrading milestones and deepening emotional ties.

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