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How Digital Usability Makes for Happier Members

By adopting a “don’t make me think” attitude, the member experience can be improved

Next week, I will be reporting live from ASAE’s Technology Conference and Expo. While I’m excited to participate in two days of programming, there’s a session on digital usability that I’m looking forward to sitting in on.

That session—led by Layla Masri, cofounder of Bean Creative, a web, mobile, and interactive design firm that specializes in usability—will show association professionals that you don’t have to be a user experience (UX) pro to make beautiful and easy-to-comprehend web design.

In fact, there’s a book by Steve Krug that can help you to study up on usability principles. Its title—Don’t Make Me Think—speaks to a philosophy that association professionals should keep top of mind for web design.

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