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The Challenges to Executing Your 2018 Government Relations Strategy

by OSAE Member Amy Showalter

Bloomberg Government regularly publishes insights, opinions and best practices from our community of senior leaders and decision-makers. This column is written by Amy Showalter, a national authority on government relations best practices, grassroots and PAC influence.

By now your government relations team has its strategy for the coming year. The strategic planning meeting usually features clever phrases to motivate organizational stakeholders to follow the strategy.  However, if you time travel six months into the future and nothing has changed, it’s probably because of inferior strategy execution. I have found that strategies usually never fail in their development. Where they tend to fail is in the execution, which is a real world, practical exercise.  I’ve always believed that strategy execution is the talent in short supply, and thus it must be a part of any strategic planning session.

Don’t fear — it’s not too late to adjust your plan and mitigate strategy execution failures by improving your strategy execution tasks.

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