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Servant Leadership Can Lift Organizations Out of Mediocrity

Servant leadership is about being humble and placing others’ needs first

People get a lot of messages about how to succeed at life: Selfishness is sometimes requisite to scaling the ladder, right? We need to sell ourselves, focusing on our fiefdom at the office at the expense of others. A promotion at the end justifies the means. Not so for Dave Skogen, who is driven by the concept that we’re created to serve others in all we do, from work to home and every moment in between.

Skogen is the founder of Festival Foods in Onalaska and has been voted Best of La Crosse County 2018 “Best Public Servant.” He’s a living testament to the concept of servant leadership.

The Skogen family entered the grocery business in 1946 when his dad, Paul, borrowed $500 to open Skogen’s I.G.A. on 2nd Avenue in Onalaska. With their house attached, learning the business was a given.'

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