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Generation X — not Millennials — is Changing the Nature of Work

Gen X is playing a critical role in leadership

The generation that is quickly occupying the majority of business leadership roles is one that's grown up playing video games, spends the most time shopping online and uses social media more habitually than any other generation.

If you were thinking it's Millennials, that's probably because they've dominated the media's focus for the past decade. But it's actually Generation X, which, by our definition, covers those born between 1965 and 1981.

As Pew Research unflatteringly referred to them in a 2014 report, Gen X is "America's neglected 'middle child,'" and we don't hear much about the group. It seems that all eyes are on the slowly retiring baby boomers or the ascending Millennials, now the world's majority generation. But our recent study revealed that Gen X is playing a critical — and underappreciated — role in leadership as organizations grapple with digital transformation.

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