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Creating Employee Loyalty Means Creating Engagement

To ensure your best people feel loyal to your organization, engage them

Through network connections, eager recruiters and a quick search on, it’s easy for staff to learn about job opportunities outside of your company. To ensure your best people feel loyal to your organization and want to stay, it’s essential to engage with them. According to this Fast Company article, there are three ways you can do this:

Create a great employee experience – even when they plan to quit - Instead of feeling paranoid that a staff member could leave at any time, understand that such change is inevitable. Instead, develop influential managers who can impact employees in a positive, meaningful way. People are more willing to stay at organizations where they have developed strong relationships.

Show them a way up – No one wants to stay at a company where they can’t see themselves thriving. If there is a path to growth, you need to show your people that. It doesn’t always have to be a “climb the ladder” promotion, it could mean a move to a different department they’ve shown interest in or an exciting personal development opportunity.

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