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The Big Trends Driving Tech Forward

These trends are particularly important for your association to consider

The world of technology is a weird place, where expectations you might have get thrown on their heads in quick succession.

Case in point? As I write this, rumors are swirling that Microsoft is about to buy GitHub, perhaps the most visible icon of the open source movement due to the fact that many repositories for freely licensed apps can be found there. (They’ve since been confirmed.) Even if you’re not a programmer, you’ve used something that relies on GitHub.

Likewise, perhaps the most important technology-related keynote of the year, the opening of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday introduced a fresh supply of technical updates to iOS, MacOS, and Siri—including a multi-user version of FaceTime in which you and 31 of your closest friends could dress up as Animoji if you so desired. (Well, the webinar just got a bit more complicated.)

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