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Trump Moves Pushing up Affordable Care Act Premiums for 2019

Following his action, insurers in several states have requested large rate hikes

Brace yourselves -- it looks like Affordable Care Act (ACA), also referred to as "Obamacare," premiums could jump by double digits again next year.

Insurers in several states have requested large rate hikes for 2019, with many pointing to steps taken by President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress as the main reasons why.
New York insurers want to hike rates by 24 percent, on average, while carriers in Washington are looking for a 19 percent average premium increase. In Maryland, CareFirst is asking for an average 18.5 percent rate bump for its HMO plans and a 91 percent spike for its PPO policies (which have far fewer enrollees), while Kaiser Permanente wants to boost premiums by more than 37 percent, on average.
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