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Associations Speak Up on the Complex Nature of Suicide

Suicide is a trend the CDC reports is on the rise

Spade Bourdain_ASAEThe recent news cycle, which has seen two celebrities in the past week die of reported suicides, is leading associations to speak up and offer resources to the public on a challenging, often difficult-to-process issue.

On Tuesday, fashion designer Kate Spade lost her life in New York, and on Friday morning, Anthony Bourdain’s employer CNN announced that the celebrity chef and award-winning TV host had died while on location in France filming an episode of his popular show Parts Unknown. These two figures had each seen significant success in their lives, bucking a common perception of suicide.

This public perception, and the deeper complexity tied to it, was touched upon directly in a news release from the American Association of Suicidology that honored Bourdain.

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