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Helping Your Team Members Feel More Valued

People who do not feel valued at work look for a job change

People who do not feel valued at work look for a job change. This is not a new finding. All of us have experienced this during some part of our career. As human beings, all of us crave appreciation.

Every individual in the team is valuable towards the success of the team. But to a great extent, it is the manager's and the team leader's responsibility to ensure that their team members feel valued.

We frequently hear stories about people moving on in their jobs because their work was not valued or they have not been recognized for their efforts. Most times, the manager wakes up to his mistake by praising the person and applauding him for his contribution after the person has resigned and is at his farewell party. Isn’t that ridiculous? It is too late to applaud a person on his last day of employment with the company, even if you are doing it out of courtesy. Your authenticity as a manager will always be questioned.

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