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Good Pressure, Bad Pressure

Raise your hand if this narrative is familiar

Here is the narrative that sometimes runs through my head. Raise your hand if it’s familiar:

I need to do something because…

  • Everything around me will fall apart otherwise.
  • I’ll be a failure if the thing I’m working on fails.
  • People I care about are going to think I’m incompetent.
  • I’ll be found out as a fraud.
  • I’m worried about my career, which will put my future and my family’s future at risk.

It’s not a good place to be, having those thoughts. I call it being in The Pit, when you feel there are thousands of miles to go, but you’re stuck in a hole. It’s when the scathing commentary of your inner critic echoes off the sheer walls, turning from whispers into screams. 

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