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Bring Your Pet?

A new study shows that pet-friendly workplaces can improve employee morale

This Friday marks Take Your Dog to Work Day, an opportunity for workers to show off their furry friends, and perhaps help promote the benefits of bringing pets to the workplace.

Studies show that workers who can bring their dog or rabbit (or ferret, or gerbil…) to the office tend to be more engaged and productive. One recent study, conducted by financial services company Nationwide with the nonprofit Human Animal Bond Research Institute, found that 91 percent of employees in pet-friendly workplaces (i.e., ones that allow pet visits or offer benefits like pet insurance) say they feel “fully engaged with their work,” compared to just 65 percent of those not in a pet-friendly workplace.

The study also found that employees in pet-friendly workplaces are more likely to recommend their employer to others, decline job offers from another company, report positive relationships with supervisors and coworkers, and say their employer supports their well-being.

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