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Create Content That Connects

Consider comedy, for example

The most effective marketing content generates a connection with the audience that can make them feel understood. And connection can come from widely different tones, be they heartfelt or humorous.

Take comedy, for example. Humor can create a sense of intimacy between your audience and your group, but a few jokes aren’t enough. Effective comedy often comes from shared annoyances. “Good comedy is certainly an art; you don’t just throw ‘something funny’ at your audience,” writes Caitlin Burgess in a new post for TopRank Marketing blog. “Use your audience and their pain points as your guide to thoughtfully create content that will connect and make them giggle.”

And at least some of your content should provide a service to your audience. Many associations distribute thought leadership content, but to be credible, be sure you address your readers’ problems, not just what your group accomplishes or thinks.

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